Case Overview

The brand proves that men’s care can be not only cool, but also modern, edgy and multi-faceted. For younger consumers in particular, AXE has become something of a big brother. One that encourages them to be self-confident, to try things out and to feel attractive in an individual way.

How do we create a smell of Leather and cookies? From this question, we develop our Digital and TV Content Marketing campaign for the new AXE fragrance. We deliver the answer in an unusual 20-second clip. The premise? If this strange concoction smells good, our protagonist will walk naked on the motorway.

The message: By connecting two completely different worlds and overcoming one’s own boundaries, great things can happen. Even if you can’t believe it at first!

We encourage our young, male target group to try things out and emphasize their individuality with AXE Collision. Since we as a creative agency always think cross-channel, we also start online – with extremely popular Youtubers in a multi-channel series, before moving the magic to TV, where millions of TV viewers get to see a naked guy on the motorway.