Case Overview

Montblanc stands for a long tradition of high-quality craftsmanship and outstanding design. The brand’s principles of design, style and quality form the foundation for collections rich in tradition, whose creations are passed from generation to generation. The legendary Montblanc emblem is a symbol of the highest standard – timeless writing instruments, timepieces, leather goods, jewellery, eyewear and accessories. Always with the demand of preserving that which is proven while creating something new.

If you explore new horizons, you may end up writing history.

Montblanc has something many brands lack: an exciting history worth recounting. The brand’s 110-year anniversary provided the inspiration to create an authentic retro clip that takes the viewer on a journey through the history of the company from Hamburg. Accompanying the viewer on their journey, Hugh Jackman opens the door to a world shaped by pioneering spirit, courage and success. A world in which history is quite literally being written and where the viewer is inspired to discover something new.

According to the motto “Pioneering since 1906. For the pioneer in you.”, a high-quality film was produced along with a digital brand universe in which the customer could experience the exceptional products interactively. The user experiences the anniversary year products in the digital realm of the Montblanc universe with one eye focused on the past and the other eye looking to the future.